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Jenna Kazmierczak

Jenna Kazmierczak

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Hello there! I welcome you into my own personal world of living by the ocean & taking full advantage of the coastal lifestyle. As a real estate broker & possibly a new friend, that is exactly what I want to help you do as well. If you’re taking life elsewhere, I’m also here to help you take on all your new adventures with an easy mindset. Making one of possibly the biggest purchases of your life goes hand in hand with how you connect with the person you’re working with; so here is a little insight into my life & background.

Having grown up on Oak Island & graduated from South Brunswick High School, this whole southeastern area of North Carolina has a special place in my heart & probably always will. After high school, I took my college studies down to Coastal Carolina University & earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic design while running track, studying abroad in China & working for a media company filming high-end weddings. However, in the middle of my college career, I got into two paid internship programs with two of NBC Universal’s networks out in Los Angeles, California.

After receiving a part-time job offer working for a drone company that shoots aerial shots for all sorts of sporting events, festivals & brands, I was permitted to take my last few classes online in order to transition seamlessly into the working world. I worked some other contract jobs in that time including a few WSL surf events but shortly was in need of full-time work due to the current cost of living out there. I applied for & ended up landing a job with Thor MX, a motocross brand based in San Diego as their media coordinator.

I trafficked their global advertising, planned events & product launches & also created a project management system that worked seamlessly in the house between departments and allowed us to work more efficiently with our global distributors & media contacts, having all pertinent information, conversations & media in one place. It was one of the best “first” jobs I could have asked for. Two & a half years into my job at Thor MX however, I realized I wanted more.

I wanted to be able to afford my own house. I wanted the lifestyle to be able to rescue & take care of a dog. And I really wanted to be closer to my family; with whom I am extremely close. I enjoyed & learned a plethora of different things while living out there, but with the cost of living in addition to travel expenses, I decided to part ways with California, line a few jobs up & make my way back home to North Carolina on what would be my 4th cross country trip adventure. Shortly after moving back, I unexpectedly took a job working for a local home inspector & have been on over 500 inspections with him.

Learning about how a home is put together, what & how often certain items tend to fail, & being able to confidently hold a conversation with the contractor needed to fix it is amazing knowledge for anyone to have. When Hurricane Florence hit in 2018, the home inspection business got put on a hiatus due to storm damage, regulations from lenders & even one’s own thoughts on buying & selling. This is when I decided to get my real estate license & 2 months later, I was a licensed realtor!

I took all of my required post license classes right away & had my first full & complete transaction be for my own home which I happened to close on, on my birthday. It was pretty awesome! I am fairly new to the real estate industry but I am not new in seeing what living is like in other places & also what things we may take for granted but are key reasons people chose to move to this area and for me to move back as well. I’m also not new in knowing how to search for & find a solid home for my buyers nor am I new to know how to market a home successfully for my sellers. I’m here to be your reliable, go-to source for information, your creative problem solver & the Jack Johnson music playing in your head throughout the process!

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