Back to school in New Hanover and Brunswick County!

Back to school in New Hanover and Brunswick County!

  • Jenna Kazmierczak
  • 09/5/22

The school year has finally begun! I remember the feeling of getting on the bus my first day of school every year, going to my new classroom, and hoping my best friends had the same teachers as me…but that was a very, (very) long time ago. 😂 With the school year starting here in the New Hanover and Brunswick County areas, I wanted to compile some tips & tricks as the new school year starts.


First, safety. I don’t want to give you all the wrong idea…I think those first-day-of-school signs my friends post of their kids on Facebook are SO cute. You know, the ones of a child holding a sign saying their name, age, school year, teacher’s name, school’s name, and favorite things. But think twice about posting that photo all over the internet. Giving out your child’s photo and exact location five days a week is not the safest idea. Avoid geo tagging your photo and make sure your audience is private, or at least limited. If you just HAVE to have those photos, try taking them for your own collection (you know, so you can look at them in 10 years!) and erase the important details before posting them online.


Okay, so now that we got that out of the way, let’s talk about routine. Routine is important for literally everyone; it’s how people THRIVE. Kids are especially routine-driven and function best with set schedules. Get into that wake up and bedtime routine now and consider joining them in this schedule-driven endeavor. What do I mean by that? Make their routine your routine. Have dinner at the same time every night and start the wind-down with them… Close the blinds and dim the lights, start washing up at the same time every day and enjoy a good book or tv show together. Once you put your kiddos to bed, start your own routine, and stick to it. Put down your phone and go to bed at the same time every night. Keep this up consistently and you’ll notice a difference in your mood and temperament with your children– allowing everyone to have a smoother back-to-school experience.


Bonus tip– Pack your kids’ lunches the night before. It’s way less stressful in the morning. While you’re at it, pack your own lunch the night before, too. You can thank me later. 


My next tip is utilizing exercise and movement to your advantage. Sure, the kids exercised their minds all day, but did they exercise their bodies? Head to the beach after school! We all know the North Carolina weather is still AMAZING this time of year AND the sun sets after 7pm for almost the whole month… make use of it! Or, just let them run around outside before or after dinner (you can fit this into the whole routine like I mentioned above). Exercise has tons of benefits for mind and body– both you and your children will benefit from moving your bodies!


For all my friends new to the area, welcome! The North Carolina coast is a beautiful place to raise children and I’m so excited for you all to enjoy the school year here! Because the weather is still summer-y at this time of year, there are plenty of activities to partake in to squeeze those last bits out of the season (even if you’re doing it while enjoying an iced pumpkin spiced latte ;)) From concerts, to shows, to movies at the lake, our area has so much to do! Check out my September 1 post on my Instagram ( to get a full schedule of September happenings!


Have any other back-to-school tips I missed? Let me know here or on my Instagram feed. I hope you and your kiddos have the best school year!

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